Words That I Know Exist But Don’t Know The Meaning Of: A List

  • obverse
  • the difference between exaltation and exultation
  • the difference between assume and presume (ass/presuming there is one)
  • sanguine
  • Other words like sanguine that I can’t think of right now but regularly run into and only partially decode based on context clues
  • pansexuality
  • pantheism
  • basically any word starting with “pan”
  • lief (??)
  • counterfactual. i could probably give you something approaching a definition but i have no fucking clue what it really means when people use it.
  • Ionian, Corithian(?) and Dorian columns, the differences between
  • alligator and crocodile (as referents, not references)
  • “referent,” unless I used it correctly in the last sentence, in which case I at least sort-of know what it means
  • option select, apparently, because every time anyone (inc. me) uses it someone else says they’re wrong


this list is incomplete. in case you were wondering. i know a lot more words that i dont know what they mean.

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