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Sexism Against Men And Other Word Overloading

There’s a great tumblr post that does the rounds occasionally. It’s a powerful and pithy explanation of how authority figures exploit words with multiple but related meanings to sound reasonable while saying unreasonable things. Sometimes people use “respect” to mean … Continue reading

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Encryption & Pronoun Games

You should use encryption for everything you do online. All websites should be https only, even if there’s nothing to secure. All email should be sent over encrypted protocols. All chat clients should support encryption. Etc, etc. The reason for … Continue reading

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Ego Death of the Workaholic, or Identity Politics in Global Norcal

So this has been sitting in my drafts folder for months due to a couple factors. Mostly because I’m scared – if anyone reads it I’m scared what they’ll think, and I’m also scared that no one will read it. … Continue reading

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