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Sexism Against Men And Other Word Overloading

There’s a great tumblr post that does the rounds occasionally. It’s a powerful and pithy explanation of how authority figures exploit words with multiple but related meanings to sound reasonable while saying unreasonable things. Sometimes people use “respect” to mean … Continue reading

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An Intuition On Why Teaching Is Hard

There are some things that are very difficult to teach. For example, nobody has really figured out how to teach programming yet. Many people are pretty good at teaching calculus, but nobody has a 100% success rate, and it’s never … Continue reading

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Patricide is a good word

pat·ri·cide: noun the killing of one’s father. Patricide is a noun that describes an action. It is also, of course, the name one can give to a person who has killed their own father. In general, when we refer to … Continue reading

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Words That I Know Exist But Don’t Know The Meaning Of: A List

obverse the difference between exaltation and exultation the difference between assume and presume (ass/presuming there is one) sanguine Other words like sanguine that I can’t think of right now but regularly run into and only partially decode based on context … Continue reading

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