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The Peter Principle Is Necessary

Author’s note: not sure why I decided to let this languish in drafts. It seems both basically true and basically complete. Perhaps I had more thoughts, now forgotten, that I hadn’t managed to fit in? Maybe it felt too obvious? … Continue reading

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On Skills and Learning

Authors note: Publishing this because I’m publishing drafts today. This post is entirely true and many people would benefit substantially from internalizing its ideas. It reads more like the intro to a post though – a sequence on skills and … Continue reading

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The Two Buckets Theory Of Gender

Author’s note: This was written years ago. I still think it’s mostly true, but I never published it because it didn’t feel like a full explication of why this is worth thinking about. I’ve since seen similar models gestured at, … Continue reading

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Assorted Thoughts on Dragon Quest XI

Note: I wrote this a few years ago and never published it because it’s super negative and probably nobody cares. But rereading it now is kind of fun so I’m putting it out there. I liked the game but god … Continue reading

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Performance Optimizations In Rust

Note: I wrote this a couple years ago, and abandoned it because it didn’t have a satisfying conclusion. It’s not a great story narratively but I still think it’s interesting, so here it is! Some years ago, my coworker Zack … Continue reading

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