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Why I Don’t Care About Bernie Sanders

Two main reasons I don’t care about Sanders:   He’s not going to win the election. He’s not even going to win the primary. And he’s not doing a great job, from what I can see, of forcing the candidates … Continue reading

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All Security Is Security Theatre

In light of the Ashley Madison leak, I wanted to tell, or perhaps remind, you that all security is bullshit. This applies to physical (e.g. home) security as well as digital security. The moral of this post will be: please … Continue reading

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Patricide is a good word

pat·ri·cide: noun the killing of one’s father. Patricide is a noun that describes an action. It is also, of course, the name one can give to a person who has killed their own father. In general, when we refer to … Continue reading

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Words That I Know Exist But Don’t Know The Meaning Of: A List

obverse the difference between exaltation and exultation the difference between assume and presume (ass/presuming there is one) sanguine Other words like sanguine that I can’t think of right now but regularly run into and only partially decode based on context … Continue reading

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If Reid Duke Were Your Boyfriend

Inspired by The Toast’s series If Reid Duke were your boyfriend, you would tousle his long hair when he stretched in the mornings, and he would sheepishly say, “It’s getting too long. I really need to make time to get … Continue reading

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Secure, But Not Encrypted

I’ve been going to the doctor a lot lately (knee problem, boring story), and I had to sign a consent-to-being-emailed form. On this form, which I regrettably forgot to nab a copy of to post here, it was explained to … Continue reading

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How To Write A Resume* Worth Reading

I have recently taken on a bunch of hiring at work. In particular, I am now spending a substantial amount of my time at work reading resumes. These are for new grads and intern candidates for software development positions. I … Continue reading

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Uses and Abuses Of Python’s Excessive Dynamism

I have not written much about programming lately, but enough has built up in my personal goofiness repo that I thought I’d talk about it. I am a Python programmer by day, and occasionally I learn things about the language … Continue reading

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On The Slow Regard of Silent Things

I recently read Patrick Rothfuss’ The Slow Regard of Silent Things. Rothfuss is a fantasy author, who has also written some other well-received novels. I liked them well enough, although I find his pacing sometimes interminable. The worlds are interesting … Continue reading

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On The Fountainhead

I read The Fountainhead. I read it out of a desire to be able to more articulately hate Ayn Rand. I think that one should engage seriously in a good faith effort to understand the things one disagrees with. I … Continue reading

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