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Why The Forum Was Better In The Old Days

You may have noticed, if you’ve participated in online communities or forums*, that the old guard always thinks the forum used to be better, and simultaneously the newer members often think that it’s pretty great as it is now. I … Continue reading

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Rap Quines

A Quine is a form of poetry in which a poem, through formalism or sometimes more literally, states that it is going to state part of itself, and then does so. This is related to the modern programming art form … Continue reading

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On Trolley Problems

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice There’s a philosophical question that people seem to struggle with, commonly called the trolley problem, that I never really got the difficulty of until fairly recently. The original … Continue reading

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ORMs model databases, databases don’t model objects

I was discussing the merits of a couple different ways to abstract some data common to multiple models at work, and my coworkers asked some questions that forced me to articulate exactly why I have such strong opposition to things … Continue reading

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How To DDoS Your Own Website With Python

Have you ever thought, “huh, I wonder how easily I could DDoS myself despite all the hard work of library and framework authors?” In that case, have I got news for you! In the vein of Uses and Abuses Of … Continue reading

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Common Data Structures You Already Secretly Understand

Let’s talk about data structures that have close analogies to things you already do or know! This post will not be educational or entertaining, I promise. Enjoy! Linked Lists What is it? A linked list is a way of storing … Continue reading

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Why Is No One Writing Language Runtimes?

A conversation with a coworker recently lead me to wonder why none of the innovation in writing software recently has been in terms of runtimes, or at least not pluggable ones.  Before I get into that in any detail, I’ll … Continue reading

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Programming Language Misfeatures With Little Comment

(An incomplete and unordered list) inheritance != === not in  from python .. and … (flip-flop operators) implicit type coercion (except arguably short -> long style) null case fallthroughs non-exhaustive case statements the switch/case construct in general lambda‘s restrictions in … Continue reading

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Probabilistic Morality, or: Ghosting On Spherical Cows

A Lighthearted Preamble I have, of late, you’ll notice, been trying to find a date. In said pursuit, I have also begun using Tinder in an effort to hopefully delude some young woman into believing I am worth spending time … Continue reading

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On Speed Dating

I went Speed Dating this week. I utilized the services of this company. The event’s location was moved the morning of. I left my apartment half an hour before the event. I noticed I felt very nervous during the cab … Continue reading

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