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Encryption & Pronoun Games

You should use encryption for everything you do online. All websites should be https only, even if there’s nothing to secure. All email should be sent over encrypted protocols. All chat clients should support encryption. Etc, etc. The reason for … Continue reading

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A Poem (of sorts)

Once upon a midday sunny, while I pondered nothing funny, Over many a quaint and curious man page of forgotten lore—     While I angered, nearly snapping, suddenly there came a bad ping, As if LVS was napping, napping though … Continue reading

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NIH, Developer Infantilization, and Motivations

I recently read about the new face of NIH syndrome, and after sharing and discussing it with some coworkers (Hi, John!) I had some thoughts about how NIH (or what Freeman calls NPF) comes to be, and what it means … Continue reading

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Users and Accounts in Swift

(This will eventually be published on the SwiftStack blog) Preface: I am a developer at SwiftStack, where we work with Swift, which is in this context an open source distributed object storage engine, not the Apple language of the same … Continue reading

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An Intuition On Why Teaching Is Hard

There are some things that are very difficult to teach. For example, nobody has really figured out how to teach programming yet. Many people are pretty good at teaching calculus, but nobody has a 100% success rate, and it’s never … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Care About Bernie Sanders

Two main reasons I don’t care about Sanders:   He’s not going to win the election. He’s not even going to win the primary. And he’s not doing a great job, from what I can see, of forcing the candidates … Continue reading

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All Security Is Security Theatre

In light of the Ashley Madison leak, I wanted to tell, or perhaps remind, you that all security is bullshit. This applies to physical (e.g. home) security as well as digital security. The moral of this post will be: please … Continue reading

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Patricide is a good word

pat·ri·cide: noun the killing of one’s father. Patricide is a noun that describes an action. It is also, of course, the name one can give to a person who has killed their own father. In general, when we refer to … Continue reading

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Words That I Know Exist But Don’t Know The Meaning Of: A List

obverse the difference between exaltation and exultation the difference between assume and presume (ass/presuming there is one) sanguine Other words like sanguine that I can’t think of right now but regularly run into and only partially decode based on context … Continue reading

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If Reid Duke Were Your Boyfriend

Inspired by The Toast’s series If Reid Duke were your boyfriend, you would tousle his long hair when he stretched in the mornings, and he would sheepishly say, “It’s getting too long. I really need to make time to get … Continue reading

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