Programming Language Misfeatures With Little Comment

(An incomplete and unordered list)

  1. inheritance
  2. !=
  3. ===
  4. not in  from python
  5. .. and ... (flip-flop operators)
  6. implicit type coercion
    1. (except arguably short -> long style)
  7. null
  8. case fallthroughs
  9. non-exhaustive case statements
  10. the switch/case construct in general
  11. lambda‘s restrictions in python
  12. ruby having 3 (? maybe more?) types of function objects
  13. memory-location equality comparisons
    1. ok, these are sometimes fine, but should never be the default
  14. arguments that can be either positional or named when called
  15. anything that exposes the difference between co- and contravariance because of a type error (lookin’ at you, Java arrays)
  16. constructs whose behaviour is partly controlled by the parser (e.g. php’s instanceof)
  17. constructs that affect the runtime behaviour of the interpreter (e.g. php’s __halt_compiler or ruby’s __END__)
  18. operator overloading where you have to (can?) define your own precedence/associativity (no, seriously)
  19. compiler warnings
    1. ESPECIALLY warnings that cannot be turned into errors
  20. function scoping
  21. closing over variables
  22. closing over values
    1. why is it never the one i want!!
  23. hygienic macros
  24. unhygienic macros
    1. why is it never the one i want!!
  25. raw-text replacement as “macros” (e.g. the C preprocessor)
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