On Speed Dating

I went Speed Dating this week. I utilized the services of this company.

The event’s location was moved the morning of.

I left my apartment half an hour before the event. I noticed I felt very nervous during the cab ride. I arrived at the event 20 minutes early. They told us to be fifteen minutes early to check in. No organizers were there when I arrived. No one was there to check anyone in until five minutes before the event started. The event started late.

There were more women than men. The men sat and the women moved between spots. I sat on a couch and women sat next to me. There were two groups of friends. One group was all medical students. One group was all mental health volunteers. Everyone was nice.

I was very tired by the end. I was less interesting in my last dates. Being nervous is very tiring. So is talking to strangers. The event was on a weekday. Speed Dating after work is even more tiring.

I turned in my match card after the dates. This matches people who match each other. The organizers never emailed me. People who match each other get introduced in an email. If you match no one they do not email you.

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