Exercises from 2.6 are up

All of the exercises are up on my github. Here’s a few things I’ve discovered:

1) Don’t try to be too smart. I’m using C# so fuck it, I’m gonna use int.Parse() and stream.Peek()

2) I’m using inheritance over composition and it’s really ugly and I wish I had chosen a better way to do this. But, you know, this is a ‘school’ project so maintainability isn’t actually a big deal.

3) I got all these problems done, but I don’t feel like I’ve come any closer to a solution to the general problem of building a lexer. I think they will talk about general solutions later, but it seems like I should have gained some sort of interesting insight by working the examples. That’s probably more my fault than the book’s, though.

Anyway. The problems were extending the lexer to allow a) comments, b) some operators, and c) floats. That’s up with some unit tests and all. Take a look if you’re interested.

Next up: a lot of reading for me – there aren’t any exercises for two sections, so it may be a little while.

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